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I am NOT a morning person! I have tried and tried to convert from my natural, night owl ways but it just won't work! I truly need to wear a sign that says "No Talk 'til 9am"But there are days like today when I wake up early, ideas start to move and there's no stopping that train! So at 4:50AM I was up!! I started a pot of coffee, began straightening up around the house and decided I would start decorating for the holidays ... Thanksgiving that is. I bring out my chic Turkey Day dinnerware and it hits me ... I have only 4 DAYS to use these little pretties and then it's Christmas!! WHERE HAVE I BEEN!?!?! It seems like yesterday sweet, little ghosts and goblins where showing up at my door asking for sugar and now I have missed an entire month of using these Thanksgiving accessories until next year?? Certainly I am not the only one who has felt this time fly??

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, I need to regroup and Get in the Expresso Lane ... which is code for figuring out what I am going to wear!!

One of my all time favorite nail colors this season is Get in the Expresso Lane by OPIThis color looks great with just about anything and can bring the simplest of dresses to life! To change it up, top with a sheer metallic like Ulta's GODDESS for a twist on a classic look. Other colors by OPI that will be on my tips and toes this season are:
With parties for both work and friends it is easy to be double-booked! Convert any staple dress, like these from Ann Taylor below, from office attire to an after 5 cocktail party by adding large bangles and earrings that sparkle. Change each look with mod patterned tights such as lace or polka dotsThrow on a colorful pea coat and viola! Each outfit will be perfect for either occasion without compromising style or comfort. If you hurry you can save 40% on everything Ann Taylor by using the code THANKS ... 

With the sun coming up and my coffee almost gone, I will leave you with a few gift ideas or a place to start your wish list ...

from Sephora - $48

from Anthropologie - $8

$18 - $28 each

Be on the look out for new holiday accessories and jewelry by pure grace out later this week!!

Happy Thanksgiving,

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  1. It's moments like these that I wonder if God started to make us twins, and then realized the world just wasn't ready for me yet. I just bought get your a** in the expresso lane and put it on as you wrote this! I love the color, and I feel like a diva wearing it! In my opinion, the name doesn't make a bold statement like the color does so I made improvements. Thanks for the clothing tip. When you come up with how to convert a stay at home mom wardrobe into cocktail share. I love you!