Wreaths, wreaths, and more wreaths!


To know me, is to know I L-O-V-E wreaths! (Carrie I know you are nodding in agreement right now!) As I count I have a monogrammed fall wreath on the front door, one hanging by burlap ribbon in my den adorned with pomegranates and striped feathers, and another made of twigs in my bedroom that overlays an old window pane given to me by a friend. 

Wreaths have been around for centuries and depending on the culture have different meanings. Traditionally wreaths are made of fruit, leaves, twigs, and vines. In the Greek and Roman cultures wreaths are used to symbolize rank, status, or achievements such was the Olympic Games where the laurel wreath originated. For Christians, wreaths symbolize the coming of Christ and preparation of the Advent season. 

With the Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, I am certain to come up with a new idea to add to the collection. As I looked for inspiration I found several beautiful ideas from Martha Stewart that can easily be created for your entry way, or a cookie wreath that can be made with children to hang in the kitchen or mud room with other artwork! A wreath I have been dying to have for my dining room is the lacquer magnolia wreath from The Magnolia Company. I can't decide between white, pumpkin, gold rush or silver bells. Decisions, decisions! See what you think ...

 Happy Monday ... Get to creating!

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